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International Seminar on Applied Science and Technology (SENIT) 2018

International Seminar on Applied Science and Technology (SENIT) 2018 is an annual agenda held regularly by Research and Community Service Center (P3M) of Harapan Bersama Polytechnic of Tegal which can serve as one of researchers, practitioners and professionals meeting in the field of applied science technology application in various fields such as Computer Science, Health, Engineering, and Accounting.

The era of digitalization has demanded every university to be able to prepare themselves for the emergence of various foreign universities by the model of "cyber class". Digital and communications technology that grows with a high acceleration, can bring new forms of higher education with the process of learning through the internet (known as Virtual University). The existence of such a rapid trend of change, should be immediately anticipated by every university in Indonesia, especially by undertaking strategic reform measures toward competent Universities.

In the context of Canadian (Archer, Garrison, & Anderson, 2013), universities do not have the same problems as business firms because there is no competition, markets with captive suppliers, the impact of client communication with lecturers has no serious impact provided that minimum performance standards, and lecturers' finances are not directly affected by their teaching performance activities. Therefore, the proposed disruptive innovation leads to distance learning for extension classes or continuing studies, with characteristics of convenience, a market that is not widespread, and not necessarily in demand by existing universities today.

The concept of disruptive innovation does not necessarily involve creating new products but rather making consumers cheaper, simpler, smaller in size, and often more convenient to use. On the other hand, the most interesting development of the world's attention is the development of information technology. Recent information technology is increasingly successful to keep people at the distance with another only through the gadget. In addition to these social changes, changes also occur in the economic sector. For example the online taxi managed to destroy the conventional taxi market. In addition, with the development of information technology led to innovations in the financial services sector such as financial technology that threatens the banking industry. This is what called as disruptive innovation. Innovations that create new markets, disrupt or destroy old markets and ultimately replace old technology.

Harapan Bersama Polytechnic of Tegal as a vocational college in Tegal City, Central Java Province, is committed to improve the quality of education and competence of graduates in the era of disruptive innovation and digitalization. In this regard, Harapan Bersama Polytechnic of Tegal held a major event called "INTERNATIONAL SEMINAR AND CALL FOR PAPER". Through the International Seminar and Call for Paper is expected to provide understanding to the academic community in college in order to jointly take a strategic role to prepare for the era of disruptive innovation and digitalization as the key to success in viewing opportunities or threats.

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Topics Paper

  • " Economics


  • " Engineering

    Renewable Energy
    Electronic and control system
    Green – Sustainable Energy

  • " Health

    Hospital Management
    Medical Records
    Health Information

  • " Computer.

    Machine Learning
    Cloud and Grid Computing
    Information systems and applications